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Our mission: to create games that are contemporary, but at the same time routed in the history of the world. To bring you a bold range of games with historical, educational, real or fictional setting that are fun, but at the same time change your perspective on the world.

Our story: not long but still juicy

We are a group of likeminded, in-love-with-tech-and-games people. It all started in December 2014. when we have gathered around a client game we were making for Arabic peninsula, under company name “Agoul”. We have built the video game from the scratch. And grew with it. From concept to security – Sheiks of Arabia took shape and now we are proud to say that the game has 20.000 players worldwide. Our energy turned into synergy. Requests for business apps started coming and a well-played team kept developing.

We enjoyed the ride, but games were still our passion, and creating great experiences for players what we wanted to peruse.

In June 2016. we were honored to win the “Share Shakespeare Prize” for the best concept in year of celebrating 400 years of great William Shakespeare’s work. That is when the first video game inspired by literature was made in a 2D Pixel Art JRPG manner, and when we created a new genre – an interactive play. In that time Agoul become Crowded Room Studio, an Indi game studio with a clear vision. Also, our studio became too crowded, and development team become Wit and apps, and the gaming core continued to create worlds under Crowded Room Studio name. It continued to dream big and work hard.

In the year 2017. along with promoting “A Midsummer Night's Dream – Replayed” we started working on two more projects. A Global War Theater and Sorcerers Island, two games we are deeply excited about.

And to plan others.

Stay tuned.

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Bojan Trobok, CEO

m. +49 176 23345982

m. +381 64 2919774

Bulevar Oslobođenja 54, Novi Sad LinkedIn


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